Eye Can See Clearly Now

I feel like I’ve had glasses my entire life… like I can’t remember what it’s like to see clearly without some type of corrective lens. As long as I’ve had glasses, I can remember them always being rather unflattering and so I hated wearing them… but I still did because otherwise I couldn’t see. When I finally got contacts I was super excited and they have honestly become my crutch– I wear them ALL the time, I even fall asleep in them sometimes (which I’m not supposed to…oops).

Recently I got a new prescription for my contacts and really wanted to get new glasses too because:

  1. I’ve had the same glasses since like middle school
  2. My old ones didn’t fit quite right
  3. My eye sight has gotten worse so the prescription isn’t that clear
  4. Contacts are a pain when I’m feeling lazy (which is 90% of the time)
  5. It was time…*refer to point 1*

When I went to the eye doctor though, I was only able to get either contacts or new glasses and I chose the contacts obviously, because I wear them way more often. I still really wanted glasses because I felt like if I got some that fit right, were flattering on my face, and that I just all around liked, I would wear them more often. And so, I decided I would order some prescription ones online that would cost far less than if I were to get the frames at the eye doctor.

One of my friends, a few months ago, had introduced me to a site where I could do that, So, I went on and browsed through frames and selected some that I liked. They have tons of options to choose from and they are pretty reasonably priced and fashionable. Although you aren’t able to physically try each of the frames on, the site has a function where you can virtually try frames that you like on by simply uploading a picture, inputting the distance between your pupils, and clicking the ‘try on’ button (as shown below), which I loved!


After you find the frames that speak to you, you click the ‘select lenses’ button and then you’re taken to a screen that allows you to input your prescription as well as the measurement for your lenses and all that good stuff. Once you submit your order, it’s all in eyebuydirect’s hands, they take care of everything from shaping, cutting, and finally shipping! I ordered my glasses on December 30th and received them on January 10th… so it was relatively quick considering the process that they have to go through.

To be honest, when I first got my glasses and tried them on I wasn’t too thrilled. I didn’t particularly like how they looked on my face…but I also haven’t worn glasses in forever and so I’m used to not wearing them, so I gave them a chance. I’m still trying to get used to them and maybe eventually I’ll start wearing them around more often.

I ordered frames in the style ‘MIA FARROW,’ below are some pictures of me rocking my frames and my friend Becca, who told me about, rocking her glasses from there as well (ALSO SHOUTOUT TO HER FOR TAKING THESE GREAT PICTURES, ALSO CHECK OUT HER BLOG!).


Do you prefer glasses or contacts? Let me know in the comments!



9 thoughts on “Eye Can See Clearly Now

  1. Sara says:

    Whoah, I love the virtual projection of glasses on your face! I’ve never heard of eyebuydirect, but I get bombarded with Warby Parker ads on social. Maybe they’ve figured out somehow I prefer glasses?

    Liked by 1 person

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