Getting Rid of Acne and Clearing Skin: My Story

*Disclaimer: I am by no means a dermatologist & am not claiming to know everything about skin or acne… just sharing my experience*

For years I’ve struggled with acne but it was never too out of control. I have pretty oily skin and had experienced breakouts mainly on my forehead and around my chin area. The breakouts I had were here and there but it was never anything too severe. I began using Proactiv Plus and a little spin brush I got from ULTA back in December of 2014 which really cleared up my skin and was beginning to get rid of acne scarring that I had from years of picking at my face. My skin was glowing, vibrant & (semi) flawless after a couple of months!


March 2015 – Skin while using Proactiv Plus

I continued to use Proactiv up until about August of 2015 which is when I ran out of it– once I ran out I decided maybe I could keep my acne under control without the Proactiv and began looking for alternatives that I could use. I came across a video on YouTube from RavenElyse talking about and decided to give it a trial run. I, however, only purchased the cleanser and not the whole regimen. After using it for a couple of weeks, I was discouraged and hadn’t noticed any improvement in my skin (OBVIOUSLY because I only used it for like 2 weeks). So, fast forward to November of 2015, and my skin was not happy… I was very stressed at this time which is what I think might’ve caused the breakout but I’m not 100% sure. I decided to begin using black soap in hopes that it would control the acne but this proved no better, my skin was not having it and I had breakouts galore… I honestly didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until looking at pictures, which I deleted most of them but still have a few. (See Below… they aren’t the best pictures but trust me it was worse than it looks)


November 2015 – the peak of my breakouts


December 2015 – (not quite as bad… also wearing concealer though)

During my winter break, my mom saw how my skin looked and ordered more Proactiv Plus for me to use. So, I was using that from January 2016 – April 2016 until I ran out and then started using black soap again. My skin did improve but it still wasn’t where I wanted it to be and the acne scarring was too real. I began researching on YouTube again and came across another video about by YouTuber AlyssaForever. After seeing her results, I decided to give another go and ordered the complete regimen this time. So I got the cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, as well as the moisturizer and glycolic acid. The first couple of months as my skin was getting used to the products, it would become extremely dry and later began flaking quite a bit and it resulted in this kind of discoloration– because all this flaky skin was basically dead skin just hanging out– it made my skin look pretty dull.

acne - skin

May 2016 – this is about a month or so of using (if you look close you can see the discoloration and flaking going on there)

After a month, I began incorporating the glycolic acid into the regimen. NOW THIS IS THE MAGIC POTION TBH. The first couple of weeks of using it, it stung a bit, but after my skin was used to it, there was no problem. (Warning: this stuff as well as the benzoyl peroxide will discolor your clothes & edges… speaking from personal experience). I was noticing improvement in my skin and if I got a breakout, it was gone as quick as it came! I continued to stick to the regimen making sure that I wasn’t missing any steps and following the directions provided. Fast forward to now and I am sooooo happy with the results.


October 2016 – my skin is POPPING



December 2016


January 2017 – currently

I recently started using Cetaphil cleanser which is a less expensive alternative to the cleanser and my skin is still doing very well. I rarely experience any new breakouts and my acne scarring has improved drastically, leaving my complexion pretty darn clear and smooth!

If you struggle with acne, a few things to take away from this blog post:

  1. Find what works for you & stick with it. If you’ve found a regimen that works for you there’s no need to continue to try new things–introducing new things to your skin could result in breakouts and irritation. Don’t fix what ain’t broken… am I right?
  2. Drink water! I drink water 99% of the time just because I’m not a huge fan of soda. On occasions I’ll drink juice, but I mainly stick with water.
  3. Nothing will change over night, especially not clearing acne. It takes a lot of consistency, time, and patience. It took me about 3 – 4 months to begin seeing actual progress in my skin and there is still progress to be made 8 months later!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments your acne stories and what have been your saving grace acne products!


4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Acne and Clearing Skin: My Story

  1. Sara says:

    First off: WELCOME BACK! Super excited to see your writing again, Deja. Also, shoutout to the bleaching. After using so many different (maybe I should follow your advice and just pick one, haha) acne products, all of the towels I own have weird bleaching on them. Sigh. Guess it’s the price I pay for somewhat clean skin, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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