Hot Summer Styles

Protective styles during the summer are super beneficial for your hair and require such low maintenance once complete. For one, protective styles are great because it gives your hair a break from all the manipulation you may put it through for the whole year. With protective styles, your hair has a chance to gain some strength and they are a great way to retain some length. Also GREAT for those of you who may be transitioning! Here are a few of my favorite styles and some beautiful women rocking them!

I am absolutely LOVING the faux dreadlocks that I’ve seen people rocking this year and apparently it’s not too hard to learn how to do it yourself. BUT (here’s the catch) it is very time consuming but the end result may very well be worth it!


Crochet braids are also very popular and when done right look like your natural hair minus all the maintenance.


Next up are the chunky twists (Havana twists/ Marley twists) style which requires much less time and still gives you a cute and versatile style.

havana twists

Last, everyone’s favorite, the box (“poetic justice”) braids. I also really love these they’re so classic and timeless and they look so good! They also last a good while so you won’t have to deal with doing your hair every other day.


Tutorials can be found for all these styles on YouTube so head on over and get your hot summer style! Which is your favorite?


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