Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!

The burning question that every natural has, especially when seeing natural hair gurus all over the web who have long, luscious, beautiful hair– which of course didn’t happen over night. So, when asking yourself this question, you also have to ask a couple of others to get to a legitimate answer.

  1. How often am I applying heat to my natural hair? As all you naturals probably already know by now, heat when used too frequently, is a sure way to stunt natural hair growth. With too much heat comes damage, breakage, & dry unhealthy hair. I personally went through a phase of straightening my hair almost everyday which caused, as I mentioned, breakage & thinning of my hair. With that said, make sure that when you are using heat to take steps to protect your hair. This means doing deep conditioning treatments, using heat protectants, and not putting the temperature too high. Also, just remember that flat ironing your hair everyday is NOT the answer!
  2. Is my hair well moisturized? Moisture is essential to maintaining length and to natural hair growth. If your hair (and scalp) aren’t well moisturized… you can forget about growth. Think as your natural hair as a plant. Seeds of plants need nutrients, specifically water, to thrive and flourish into a beautiful tree, flower, etc. So, much like plants your natural hair needs to be fed and nourished in order to grow.
  3. Am I holding on to dead ends? A fresh cut can sometimes be necessary for natural hair growth. If you hang on to dead/split ends you are only hindering hair growth. Split ends can cause lots of damage to your hair if you don’t get rid of them. Not only will the split travel up the hair shaft, but it will also make hair frizzy, weak, and you just don’t want that!
  4. Am I taking into account the amount of time that’s passed? This question is just to make sure you’re being reasonable and realistic in your natural hair growth goals. With that said you can’t expect to wake up one day & magically have waist-length hair. Length takes patience. Sometimes you may not even realize how much your hair has progressed until you really look back. I won’t lie, I do,at times, feel frustrated with my hair because I’ve felt like it hasn’t grown but I definitely have seen progress even if it is small.

Here are two pictures that show my growth, the one on the left is almost two years ago and the right is about two weeks ago.


This just goes to show that although you may not be able to physically see your hair grow (because that’s impossible unless you have some type of superpower that lets you see these things) it is growing, and with the right care it will continue to flourish until you do reach your natural hair growth goals! So remember be patient and treat your hair to some TLC!

What are your hair length goals? Have you seen any progress? Let me know in the comments!


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