My Natural Hair Journey

Hey guys!

So, I began transitioning to natural close to 2 years ago. I got my hair relaxed at a very young age and never really knew what my natural texture was because getting a relaxer was just second nature. In high school I began to religiously use my flat iron so my hair wasn’t in the best condition. I really worked on restoring my hair and growing it out despite the heat damage it suffered. I began doing research and watching tons of YouTube videos and ran across For a while I tried to go on a healthy hair journey–still getting relaxers at this point & flat ironing– only to be discouraged at my hair’s progress (or lack of progress, I should say). From there I kept searching and related videos showing women doing “natural hair journeys,” and I was so in awe at all the curl patterns, textures, and most of all growth that these ladies experienced! I decided that I wanted to transition and around the beginning of my senior year in high school (2012) I got my last relaxer. I was so excited to see my natural hair and my texture BUT there was one problem. I had no idea what type of products worked for my hair and my hair’s health began to decline. My hair was super dry and brittle and was breaking off and it was very noticeable. At that point, I couldn’t save my hair and I got a dramatic haircut along with a keratin treatment in October of 2013 that really helped my hair flourish (this is when my hair was completely natural–no more relaxed hair). Fast forward to today and I still don’t have all the answers but I’ve really experimented with different products and hairstyles and found what has worked for MY hair. I think that’s the most important part about a hair journey or any journey you may take, you have to learn what works for you and refrain from comparing your progress to the next person’s.

Did you experience any setbacks while transitioning? How’d you deal with it? Let me know in the comments.

Check out my natural hair journey video below!


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